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Birth and Death
of a Star

The Story

A pair of books that examine how stars are formed,
and how they die.

Birth and Death take on this interlinking narrative where although birth and death are the broad themes they are merged and related. With birth not always coming at the start and death not always coming at the end. One feeds on to the other.

The publication uses images provided under creative commons by Hubble. Full bleed images are utilised across these publications to provide an impression of the incomprehensible scale of vistas in these awe inspiring scenes.

The illustration style was kept clean and clear with simple diagrams to easily convey the images across to the viewer.

To create clear separation, yet maintaining the connection between the two books, an alternating black and white colour scheme was conceived. The Birth book uses black on white, for a brilliant pure bright spark of life life. The Death book has the reserved white on black which produces a more somber aesthetic.

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